Our Services


  • Septic & Holding Tank pump and clean
  • High-pressure line-flush and clean
  • Septic drain-filed maintenance and restoration
  • Underground line video camera
  • Locate and excavate underground tanks and components

Rain & Ground Water

  • High-pressure flush and vacuum perimeter drains
  • Video camera locate and repair damaged perimeter drains
  • Silt catch basins pump and clean

Other Services

  • Restaurant grease trap/interceptor cleaning
  • Grease trap repair and replace
  • Parking-lot catch basin clean

Our mission is to provide professional , friendly, and environmentally responsible service to the lower-mainland. Deliver unparalleled value through the knowledge, service and products we provide our customers.  Continue to Build, support and contribute to our local communities, and families. Encourage ingenuity, creativity and forward thinking. PumperGuys is a family owned and operated, we're committed to be there for you and your family when you need us.